Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mountain Climbing

Maybe you guys from out West will think this is funny.

Yesterday I was at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mark's house here in Utah. They live on the side of this mountain that is not as tall as the others around it. I thought, "Hey, I like hiking. Maybe I'll just climb up it really quick before dinner."

Did you know that air is less dense in the mountains? Everyone knows that, but it really does affect how you breathe. I was dying. I literally collapsed about 2/3rds the way up. It was really embarrassing, but at least no one saw me or heard about it before I posted it online for everyone to read. It really felt nice after, though, and before the long trek back down (it's much easier to climb up than down) it was really tranquil just sitting on the side of the mountain, watching the sun set on the valley. I could get used to that.

This one (below) wasn't taken on the mountain. One cool thing about Utah are the gigantic flags that are milling around. They're huge and absolutely make any sane person feel like serenading the mountains with patriotic songs.


Sarah said...

oh jake, are you going to move to Utah? Erin got to you didn't she. Where are the pictures of you and her? Did you see her baby?

Book Look Column Author said...

You were dying to "run up the mountain" behind our house. We smiled indulgently,looked at your very nice leather dress shoes and suggested "um, no" but you did it anyway! Next time do it in warmer weather, earlier in the day and wearing hiking boots.The view was totally worth it wasn't it?

Sarah said...

he wore shoes??? that's new. last summer at the lake, he went for a quick 3 mile run barefoot. for some reason, this made perfect sense for him.