Monday, June 1, 2009

The plunge

Am I standing on the precipice of ultra-geekdom? Or have I already made the plunge? Let me explain.

My sister made a point yesterday. I'm really bad at keeping blogs. This is true. In my defense, my life really hasn't been very exciting lately. But I guess I'm also kind of tired of telling people I've been living like a bum the past few months. It's amazing what random creative outlets you discover when boredom levels are high.

I make boardgames now. It's really weird, something I never really saw coming... remotely. I guess I used to make monopoly-variations when I was in elementary school, but... my motivation to make these things is... obsessive, to say the least. Once I get inspired, I'm completely focused on the task at hand. The first one I made, back in January, I decided I was going to "dabble" in the idea on a Tuesday. Truly, I don't know what happened to the next few days. I remember little. I slept little. But Thursday night we were ready to try it out for the first time. It wasn't great.

This is not it. This was the... third one I made. It took a ridiculously long time to make. You have no idea. Unfortunately, paired with the lengthy construction is a lengthy gameplay. We never actually finished a game. After this one I tried creating one you can finish in 1-1.5 hours, is non-competitive, and where everyone feels like they're involved in the game (even with the possibility of winning) until the very end. It seems to be working. If you're in town, ask me about it. I'll be glad to divulge.

So yes, I'm a nerd.


Sarah said...

You need to jazz up your blog a bit. You also need to add blogs you follow and put mine on top. PS-your game looks pretty cool at least.

KellyA said...

Jake your games are fun - yes sometimes a bit confusing to my brain, but a lot of fun. What would our game nights be without them? Yeah Jacob the game maker!

Donna said...

Your games are beautiful.