Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the roads so traveled...

One of the most interesting things about sleeping in hostels and traveling in general is the great amount of interesting people you meet. Yes, some of them are crazy, but I've had some really good conversations with people I'm forced to share a small room or bunk with.

I think part of it is everyone traveling by themselves or only with a few people is so socially deprived that they're able to chat up storms with the first person who will listen. But also, I didn't meet any Americans this whole trip, so there's always an interesting cultural gap that is always good for several different topics. I've told people all about Chicago and the MidWest. The world has such a crazy opinion/view of America that is always interesting to hear about. You can always tell when someone hates Americans and they feel awkward talking about it to me because we're obviously getting along. Usually I convert them to like us by the end.

But the conversations are great. I always get great information about the surrounding area or easy ways to do things or things not to see, plus info about other countries or places they've been to. It always starts out where they're just another crazy traveler, but then you find out all about their family and work and hometown and everything. Not always, but I think it's always cool when you do.

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